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How To Make A Big Home Feel Cozy

Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Debbi DiMaggio



If living in a spacious luxury home with your loved ones has always been your dream and you can afford it – go for it. But don’t forget that there is more to making a big space comfortable than just being in good company. It all starts with quick and smooth home relocation, but it is just the first step. What comes next is settling in, systematically unpacking, and personalizing your new residence. If you’ve wondered if you can easily make a big house feel cozy, yes, you can, with just a few simple, affordable, and practical tips.

Cover the big empty surfaces

How can you tell that a furnished house is still empty? It echoes. It lacks the most important inner coating you can get, the one that makes it warm and intimate. The moment you stop hearing the tap of your heels and the metallic ring to your voice, you know that your home has become cozier.

The walls and windows

Admit it; as soon as you enter a room, you look for a tale. Every piece of furniture tells something about the owner. And what better shows off a person’s personality and style than wall art? If you intend to make your home welcoming and enjoyable for family and visitors alike, your walls should tell the story of their residents. The paintings, mirrors, and souvenirs from far and exotic places make your home as much as your life. A gallery layout is ideal for vast surfaces. It allows you to combine different elements and textures into a unique mosaic.

A bedroom with bed, curtains, and pillows in soft beige, gray and metallic tones.

A bedroom with bed, curtains, and pillows in soft beige, tan and metallic tones.


And what about the windows? Even soft and delicate curtains add to the feeling of warmth because they create a sense of privacy. And the feelings of privacy and security are essential if you wish to make a big house feel cozy, intimate, and relaxed.

The floors and stairs

Regardless of the material of your floors, there is always a way to cover them without obscuring their beauty. Even the most luxurious floors can benefit from clever emphasis, and particularly elegant floors need a bit of homey warmth. You can take the chill out of your marble or stone tiles with the strategic placement of carpets and rugs. Depending on your local climate, choose their thickness. The goal is not to induce heat fatigue but feel secure and snug as a bug (in a rug).


And can you resist the sheer elegance of the fabric stair runner over your marble stairs? Walking on the red carpet (or any other color or design of your preference) has never been closer to you.

A big home should brim with life.

flaunter-7qTYBEEEvZc-unsplash (4)

Nothing brings a sense of connection with nature into your home and a touch of luxury like indoor plants. Choosing the right indoor plants and placing them in good (s)pots can make all the difference. The results can be stunning.


A spacious living room with a large window and plenty of indoor plants.

Instead of a cold and sterile-looking environment, plants have the power to produce a vibrant atmosphere that roots you in the present moment. That is all we sometimes need to feel content and make a big house feel cozy, welcoming, and as luxurious as your choice of plants.

Create a warm atmosphere with ambient lighting.

The right fixture with the right amount of light does wonders. The shadows created as the result of cleverly placed ambient lighting soften the edges of your room. Appropriate lighting makes the space as big as you want it to be, simply by focusing
your attention. And the best part? Purchasing and installing light fixtures doesn’t have to be an expensive investment. The offer of various designs of ambient lights is so extensive, it will certainly fit both your style and budget, regardless of how large
your home is.

Don’t let a big home become a burden: Consult the experts.

Not everybody has the time or passion for making continuous upgrades and small renovations. At some point, people either realize that the home is just too big for their needs and move house or resort to remodeling. Whichever option resonates with
you, think twice and think well, because both investments demand careful consideration. Also, if you aren’t satisfied with your home size but lack creative skills, hire a home designer. An expert with the ability for abstract thinking and a good sense of
aesthetics will transfer the feel-like-home dream into reality for you.


A philosophy of home design that brings harmony and coziness to your home

Although most people tie Feng shui with minimalism, in its essence, it represents the absence of excess. Its principles make a good guide for people looking to furnish their home without overstuffing it. You can use Feng shui to improve your home without the risk of going overboard, both aesthetically and financially. As a result, you will create a tidy, comfortable home that has everything you need in the right place. That’s the prerequisite to feeling healthy, relaxed, and cozy.

A couple of important last notes

If you’re aiming to make a large house feel more intimate, you have options. Either you invest your time, energy, and aesthetic skills into a DIY home improvement, or you ask the pros for a piece of advice and assistance. Should you embark on a slower (although more rewarding to some people) journey of self-made home improvements, make a plan.

List all the features of your home that require attention and search for ideas that will make your home feel warmer. A list will help you outline a budget, too, and estimate the duration and amount of work to be done. With the organized approach, you can do everything you imagine, and even more, if you allow specialists to assist you along the way. Even make a big house feel cozy, just as a home does.

Need a recommendation or design ideas, reach out and allow us to assist or direct you to design professional.

Top Indoor Plants for Luxury Apartment Living

Thursday, November 11, 2021
Debbi DiMaggio

vadim-kaipov-8ZELrodSvTc-unsplash (1)

Different house plants

Even though people tend to overlook plants when designing the interior of their home, they are an essential part. That is especially true if you’re designing a luxury apartment. If you want your home to feel fresher and homey but also chic at the same time, we’ve prepared a list of indoor plants for luxury apartments that will help you achieve this. By adding them, not only will your home get a more luxurious appeal, but the air quality will improve, and it will feel more inviting.

The importance of house plants

Plants are an essential part of any home, and whatever design you choose, you should never exclude them. Even feng shui emphasizes the importance of plants in our living space.


A house plant will make any room in your home healthier and more inviting, like this stylish living room above and dressing room below.

If you are wondering why, here are just some of the many reasons to add plants to your luxury apartment:


● Any space looks nicer after inviting nature in by adding house plants.
● Plants can improve your concentration and productivity.
● They can boost your mood and creativity.
● Plants positively affect your health and well-being as they reduce stress, help with sore throat, alleviate colds, etc.
● The air in your home will be cleaner and fresher, therefore healthier for you and your family.
● Caring for plants has a therapeutic effect.
● Plants can help you in home selling as they are indispensable when staging your home.

Therefore, make sure to add plants to your home. Not only will they make your apartment look more appealing, but they will also positively influence your well-being.

When designing your interior, you must maintain the same style and theme in every room. That is important even when it comes to choosing plants. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of indoor plants for luxury apartments that will enrich your space and make it feel fresher and more inviting.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is one of the visually most powerful house plants. It’s perfect for homeowners who love green plants and plants that grow flowers.  And not just any type of flowers – these are probably some of the most interesting and beautiful flowers you
will ever see. These plants ooze luxury and unassuming taste.

Remember that the bird of paradise needs humidity and frequent exposure to the sun to grow, so make sure to enable this for it. Also, it requires more space than your ordinary house plant, but it’s worth it. Anyone who enters your home will be instantly amazed by its gorgeous dark leaves and stunning avian-looking flowers.

Peace Lily for Air Purification

If you value aesthetics and air quality, the Peace Lily is a fantastic addition to your luxury apartment. Its lush green foliage and striking white blooms complement modern interiors perfectly. What sets the Peace Lily apart is its exceptional air-purifying abilities. It effectively removes toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia from the air, ensuring a healthier living environment. Keep the soil moist and place it in moderate to low light conditions.

Jade Pothos Totem



Jade Pothos looks great in hanging flowerpots.

The jade pothos totem could be a perfect centerpiece for your luxurious living room with its lush, wild, exotic, and dramatic energy. Not only that it’s beautiful, but it’s also very easy to take care of. And, as it doesn’t take up much room, you can practically keep it anywhere. You can see below how lovely it looks in a hanging pot. Even if you need to organize a last-minute move and pack and relocate your entire living room, you’ll be happy to know that Jade Pothos is very resilient, and you’ll be able to transfer it in no time. With the help of experienced movers, every detail from your living room will be moved in the safest way possible.

Lavender for Aromatherapy

To infuse your luxury apartment with a soothing aroma, consider adding potted lavender. Lavender not only adds a pop of color with its purple blooms but also offers the calming benefits of aromatherapy. Place it in a sunny spot and let the soil dry out between watering. Gently brushing your hand against the foliage will release its delightful fragrance into your living space.

Common fig


If you thought fig trees only grow outside, you’d probably be surprised that the common fig is one of the best indoor plants for luxury apartments. In areas where figs can’t grow outside, they’re very common as indoor plants. When taking care of the common fig, remember that it needs to be watered two to three times a week, depending on the humidity in your area. Also, this plant requires medium to bright light. Not only that it look beautiful, but, in a way, this plant is also a living cultural artifact and
a great conversation starter. Its leaves are world-famous as they appear in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. Namely, Adam’s intimates were obscured by the leaf of this plant. It’s a fascinating fact to share with your guests.

Orchids for Elegance and Fragrance

Orchids are renowned for their exquisite beauty and delicate fragrance, making them an ideal choice for luxury apartments. Their graceful, exotic blooms add a touch of sophistication to any room. While they may require a bit more attention than some other
plants, the reward of seeing their elegant flowers in full bloom is well worth the effort. Orchids thrive in bright, indirect light and require regular but light watering.

Chinese Fan Palm

If you decorated your home minimally, the Chinese fan palm is the perfect choice. With its intricate details and angular shape, it can add an energetic and exotic vibe to your home. The most interesting thing about this plant is its fan-like leaves and fountain-like growth pattern. Viewed from afar, it almost looks like a fountain with green water. Although it’s classified as a tree, it is small enough to be placed somewhere in your apartment when young. However, keep it exposed to daylight as it needs plenty to survive. If you don’t have enough space to enable this, it’s better to look for a different plant for your luxurious apartment.

Philodendron Cordatum

This elegant plant with lovely heart-shaped leaves is one of the most low-maintenance house plants. It doesn’t grow too big, and it doesn’t take up much space. However, keep in mind that it needs a lot of indirect light.


Everyone loves the gorgeous heart-shaped leaves of philodendron cordatum.

Your upscale apartment will look even more dashing with this plant, especially if you’ve chosen a contemporary design. As it’s very sleek and sophisticated, it can be a great addition to your minimalist kitchen.

Snake Plant for Low Maintenance

The Snake Plant, or Mother-in-Law's Tongue, is a low-maintenance yet stylish choice for luxury apartments. Its tall, stiff leaves with distinctive patterns add a modern flair to your decor. Snake plants are incredibly resilient and can thrive in various light conditions, from bright to low. They require minimal watering, making them an excellent choice for those with busy lifestyles.

Love your plants

We hope you enjoyed reading about the top indoor plants for luxury apartments and that we’ve helped you choose a few for your home. Always remember – plants are living beings, and they require special attention and care. Therefore, make sure to treat them right, and in return, they’ll help make your home environment healthier and more beautiful.

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