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6 rules of timeless home decor

Friday, April 8, 2022
Debbi DiMaggio

6 Rules of Timeless Home Decor

 A living room with timeless home decor

Some home decor trends come and go, whereas others have a timeless appeal. This results from some design elements following the following 6 rules of timeless home decor. Fulfilling one or more of these principles allows your decor to be both versatile and tasteful enough to fit easily into your home regardless of its formal features. So, whether you want to make a large home feel cozy or expand a small space, these rules should help you achieve your goal and still make your home exude a timeless charm.


1. Symmetry is key

A library with symmetrical arm chairs and built in book shelves

Symmetry is timeless.


One way to make your home decor stand the test of time is to keep it symmetrical. This is because we like everything to be balanced and aligned. It makes no difference whether you want your bedroom or kitchen to look affluent or minimalistic. Regardless of the particular decorative style you implement, the key is to have everything symmetrical.  Symmetry helps create the feeling of order and cleanliness that people associate with good taste. In that sense, it helps to have an even number of chairs, two pillows of the same color, identical cups or plates, etc. Having two of each or an even number of decorative items or furniture will allow you to place them symmetrically.  However, you do not have to have a pair of everything inside your home. For instance, you can have a certain focal point like a sofa with two armchairs on each side. In this way, you can complete the seating arrangement so that it is symmetrical. The same goes for arranging your mantlepiece or shelves. You can have matching vases on the ends and a central piece such as a sculpture in the middle. The idea is to create a mirror that will balance out the halves of the room or the structure. You can also apply the principles of feng shui to make your living space even more balanced.

1. Have a focal point

Speaking of middles, it makes sense to have an item focusing the viewer’s gaze toward it. So, next to keeping things symmetrical, you also need something that will leave an impression and stand out from the rest of the furniture. As we already mentioned, some furniture pieces naturally create a focal point in the room. Windows, beds, tables, and sofas are great examples.

A golden table in the center of a living room

A centerpiece helps create a focal point for arranging the rest of the decor around it.

However, timeless home decor has to have something in addition to these elements. Your primary weapon should be artwork, flowers, or technology. Hence, an attractive big-format painting such as a modernist portrait or a landscape comes to mind. Or, you can have a stereo or a record player serving as a centerpiece element of your living room.


1. Make use of classic patterns

If you want your living space to appear fresh and attractive in the years to come, you can rely on classic patterns. Ornamental elements are great if you are aiming for an elevated, elegant look, while botanical motifs such as subtle florals add a bit of softness. Other examples of patterns with lasting value are stripes and plaids, as they can fit into a variety of styles. You can also go for a more impactful design such as royal damasks if you want it to break the monotony.
On the other hand, you should be careful with patterns that you might get tired of quickly. For instance, chevrons, strong geometrics, and animal prints might seem like a good idea now. However, if they are too bold or occupy a lot of space, they might seem too ‘in your face’ after the initial infatuation goes away. Be sure not to use more than three distinct patterns in a single room. Also, if you decide to have patterned tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, mix them with plain ones to achieve a sense of balance.

1. Trends fade quickly

The very word trend points to the fact they are meant to have expiry dates. Many structural elements, furniture pieces, and decorative items look fresh only for a season or two. After that, they make the room look weary and dated regardless of what the rest looks like. The same applies to structures that wear pretty quickly. For instance, carpeting can completely suffocate the room after a few years. The same goes for trendy colors such as turquoise, coral blue, millennial pink.

If you are really drawn to a certain home design trend, keep it small and simple. So, instead of buying a lilac couch, buy a pillow in that color instead. In this way, you will be able to freshen up the room without committing to the color entirely. This kind of thinking will also be more financially and spatially rewarding. If you ever decide to move, having fewer things to pack will be easier if you do not have too many outdated items. You can be smart about packing and avoid packing mistakes if you think about design prudently.

A living room with armchairs, a sofa, and overhead light fixture

Classic patterns paired with monochromatic pieces do wonders for your living space.


1. Do not accentuate the technology

This home design rule can be tricky to follow in this day and age. Appliances and devices get larger and larger by the day, but there are ways to make them less intrusive. Electric devices also collect a lot of dust, making your living space appear shabby and outdated. For instance, some homeowners go for integrated pieces that have shelving with covers that hide the stereos, speakers, and game consoles from plain sight.


1. Invest in quality items

It makes sense to avoid buying cheap furniture and decor. High-quality materials and fabrics will go a long way as they remain functional and less prone to wear and tear. Of course, this does not imply you need to spend your entire income on furniture. Buy within your budget, but do not settle for low quality if you do not have to. This is one of the rules of timeless home decor that will help your home shine with tasteful, high-quality vibes.

San Francisco Buyers Moving East // The Price is Right!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

The East Bay continues to be a “good deal” as compared to the pricey home values of San Francisco. What is so fantastic about Piedmont is our great weather, excellent school system and convenient location.  Just twenty minutes away from the city you will find this gracious home located at 50 Bellevue Avenue situated on a beautiful tree lined street in one of Piedmont’s most desirable neighborhoods. In comparison, a $4,000,000 property in the city may get you a condominium – half the size – surrounded by neighbors and a nosy HOA, or a single-family home outside the prime locations of Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, the Marina and most certainly, Nob Hill. Other features the East Bay has to offer include its convenient proximity to the Oakland Airport, direct access to highways and multiple bridges, not to mention a variety of excellent restaurants, and more parking, which makes running errands a bit more palatable.

[

ART // color splash

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Debbi DiMaggio

Art Selection – Something special that is rarely done.

Michelle Bello met with us at 55 Sea View Avenue prior to selecting ARTWORK to discuss our ideas and to measure the spaces we were hoping to fill.  Michelle emailed us some choices to choose from; most are local artists.  Our goal:  to add color and bring a more youthful, contemporary look into each room while complimenting the beautiful details and craftsmanship of this exceptional home.  My goal as the Realtor is different than that of a designer.  My goal is to appeal to a wide range of buyers – the younger as well as the more mature.  I hope you enjoy what we’ve done.  Stop by on September 13th from 10-1pm to preview our work. To purchase what you see here please contact Michelle Bello.  Michelle also has wonderful art hanging in our office at HIGHLAND PARTNERS at 342 Highland Avenue in Piedmont- we invite you to stop in and take a look.  Michelle works with professionals to hang each piece safely and precisely.  Thanks Michelle!!!  I love what you’ve done.  You will find my favorite piece in the art room at 55 Sea View Avenue – I call it COLOR SPLASH.

We had two selections to choose from – This was my choice.  I liked the way the green and the blue drew your eye to the green plants inside and out and the way the blue drew your eye to the water and the blue sky outside.  The other artwork pulled you in and commanded you to focus on the ART entirely and not the home and many details in the room.  If we were at a museum or in an art gallery with the sole purpose of selling the artwork, then the other piece would be appropriate.  In this case the art complements and lightens the room.  My goal has been achieved.We had two selections to choose from – This was my choice.  I liked the way the green and the blue drew your eye to the green plants inside and out and the way the blue drew your eye to the water and the blue sky outside.  The other artwork pulled you in and commanded you to focus on the ART entirely and not the home and many details in the room.  If we were at a museum or in an art gallery with the sole purpose of selling the artwork, then the other piece would be appropriate.  In this case the art complements and lightens the room.  My goal has been achieved. Don’t forget the Garden and Home Improvement needs as well –  Power Washing, Packing, Storing, Hauling, Purging, Managing.  And reports, disclosures and permits.

Order a Sketch, book my photographer, Scott Hargis.  He is truly amazing.  He lights each room in order to obtain the very best shot.  And if the lighting is not ideal he will reschedule without complaints.  Quentin Bacon, my social media producer  is helping me to share the PROCESS with you.  I just love the PROCESS.  I have so much fun watching the transformation from Lived In to Luxury Living.  LIGHTS, Camera, Action, FLOWERS, Brochures, Websites, Print Ads, Write Copy, Blog, Post and so much more.  I didn’t realize how  many tasks I do each time I bring a home onto the market.  Not all agents do as much as I do.  I’ll move and help re-arrange, even in my heels.

Watch and Enjoy – Today we hung art and next week we meet with the San Francisco Chronicle and then Scott shoots evening photos Thursday and Interior shots on Friday.  Stay Tuned – the final product will be unveiled on line by next weekend.  Open for you to see in person September 13th.

Look for us in the Robb Report, the SF iS, the San Francisco Chronicle,, Real Bird, The Hills Newspaper, the Piedmont Post, the Piedmonter, the Montclairion, SF GATE, Debbi and,, and many other websites and social media sites.

Hope to see you on the 13th!

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