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summer series // seattle, washington

Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Debbi DiMaggio

Travel Log: Summer Series 2012
Seattle, Washington

When I travel to a new place, I bring my sense of wonder with me. I look for things to discover and wait to be inspired. I prefer to get to know a city in just four days and three nights.

If you are considering heading north to SEATTLE, here are a few of my highlights.

Fairmont Olympic Hotel
The Fairmont is a Traditional hotel with stunning Georgian architecture. My favorite feature is the indoor heated pool and spa. (I always try to stay at a hotel with a pool.)

W Hotel – Hip and Swanky
A favorite spot for locals and tourists after work or at play.

Four Seasons Hotel
Perched above the Puget Sound in a beautiful modern high rise. Four Seasons service has never been anything less than superior; consistent, tried and true.

By Air, Land or Sea


A great way to see the city surrounded by water:  All Sight Seeing Tours

Seattle Seaplanes offers charter flights and tours to Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, the San Juan Islands and other locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Seattle Seaplanes

Walking Tour
The World’s Greatest Walking Tour – The Seattle Walking Tour


Stroll Pike Place Market

The Market is filled with beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables. Watch the butchers playing catch with large, slippery salmon as they throw the fish over the heads of wide-eyed tourists. Indulge in a sampling of fresh, brightly colored fruit or something sweet from one of the many bakeries.  And don’t forget to stop by the original Starbucks. It is certainly true, there is a Starbucks on every corner.  PIKE PLACE MARKET

Try any one of the Tom Douglas restaurants for lunch or dinner. Etta’s, Lola’s and Dahlia Lounge to name a few… each with their own style and cultural flair.

Queen City Grill
A local favorite in Belltown – Old school, comfortable and friendly. Sit and chat with the locals at the bar or enjoy a private booth.

El Gaucho

Every time I visit El Gaucho  I see Jim Carey and Cameron Diaz spinning around the dance floor right out of a scene from the movie, “Mask.” Dimly lit, piano being played in the background while chefs and waiters prepare various dishes table side from Caesar salad to flaming kabobs or bananas foster. It’s an interactive dining experience.

You’ll notice that many restaurants, whether serving breakfast, lunch or dinner each have a bar and serve both wine and spirits. My first guess was because of the colder temperatures. But, during the summer, days go on and on… and it does actually warm up. I could not believe how light it was at 9:00 at night! Bars and restaurants are plentiful. Sip your favorite beverage while overlooking the Puget Sound or at one of the many restaurants located on one of the quintessential alleyways above Pike Place Market.


Charities define a city’s heart. You can’t walk around Seattle without seeing the “working man” sculpture. The Seattle Art Museum, known to locals as SAM, has an extensive collection of art and rotating traveling shows. A quick peak, for an hour or so, allows me just enough time to see things with a new perspective.

Isn’t that what makes traveling worth the effort?

My last piece of advice… Don’t forget your passport.

Canada is just a few hour drive, away.

There is always so much to discover!

XOXO!!  Debbi

 Alaska Air: A quick flight from Oakland to Seattle

           Video Training w/Natalie Rees & Sid Lee                                                        Jenn and Debbi               

Next Weekend

Summer Series // Beverly Hills

 LAX Tournament in LA // Tinsel Town Throwdown!

emily’s army // fever charm // rocked it at the uptown in oakland

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Debbi DiMaggio

Fever Charm & Emily’s Army Rocked It Last Friday Night @ the Uptown Night Club in Oakland

You can see the passion in their eyes and just feel it in your heart.  The way both bands connect with their audience is pure magic.

Together, Fever Charm and Emily’s Army shared the billing at Friday nights concert.

Emily’s Army & Fever Charm, local Piedmont kids, now young adults, making their mark.

Talented, passionate and truly good kids.

When I arrived at the Uptown Night Club in Oakland last Friday night with my son, Chase, and a car load of his freshman friends, it was apparent to me that this was going to be an evening to remember. It reminded me of my high school years, even more so as the evening progressed.

Fever Charm kicked off their set with multiple drummers to bring the audience into the fold. The kids in the audience started jumping up and down and from side to side. Very different than how we used to dance. I’ve learned it’s called a “Mosh Pit.” I find it a bit difficult to dance while being hit from the left and the right. (Hold on tight to your drink!) Many of the younger Emily’s Army fans hadn’t heard Fever Charm play before. By the look of the dance floor, everyone enjoyed what they were hearing. I’ve been playing the CD non-stop in my car since last Friday night!  I even woke Chase up on Saturday morning, at 8 AM, for football practice with Fever Charm’s “YOUTH” bellowing throughout the house.

“Good Times, Come and Go but I’m Alive, I’m Still Here…”  (Lyrics from Youth)

Meet the Band

Fever Charm: Ari Berl – Vocals and Guitar

Theo Quayle, Lead Guitar

Yianni Anastos-Prastacos, Bass

Kendrick Brown, Drums

Support Fever Charm by following them on Facebook, Twitter and on Tour.

            Fever Charm Pictured Above


It was a big night for Emily’s Army, as one of their band member’s, Max Becker, a recent Piedmont High School Graduate who will be heading off to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo this Fall.

Friday marked the kick-off for their hectic summer tour. Local fans, long-time friends and family, young and old, all took to the dance floor to rock, roll and mosh. I just loved witnessing both the kids and adults in action. As a newcomer to the scene it was easy to see that Emily’s Army certainly has quite a following.

Images Below from Left to Right – Front to Back

Emily’s Army:  Travis, Cole, Max and Drummer, Joey

Excited Fans Pictured Below

Emily’s Army:

Max Becker, Vocals and Guitar

Cole Becker, Vocals and Guitar

Travis Neumann, Guitar

Joey Armstrong, Drums


Emily’s Army departs on their journey, June 23rd  —  I wish them all the best!

Perhaps a summer field trip is in order!

Tour Dates l Locations:  Go to

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter:


History Continues to Repeat Itself

At the end of the evening Chase made his way back to me where I was catching up with old friends. I started to introduce him to my high school friend, Bert Inch, but he said, “mom, I know him.” The two had been dancing in the Mosh Pit. You can see from the photo, the two really were enjoying the music and danced up a storm!

Pictured: Piedmont Locals – Bert Inch and Chase Betta


I must sound like a broken record to my children and their friends as I chant the same words… “I can’t believe how big you are, how you’ve grown up.” .… “You were just in pre-school and now you are up on stage!”  “You’re just so grown up!!”  “How did that happen?”  “Where did the time go?”

It’s incredible, really quite incomprehensible to me.

Emily’s Army band members, Cole and Max Becker, attended Piedmont Play School with my children. I can still see the kids riding around the playground on those shiny steel tricycles, Cole and Chase being silly and Max and my daughter, Bianca, enjoying circle time with Miss Marilyn and Miss Marcia.

You know what I am going to say….

It seems like just yesterday.

Cole Becker and Chase Betta, Piedmont PlaySchool

Darth Vader and Batman, Pictured Above

Pictured Below:

Bianca Betta and Max Becker

(Classmate & Friend, Georgie Fullerton seen in the Red T-Shirt on the Left)

 Bianca Betta, Miss Marcia and Max Becker


Just as my children ‘hang out’ with their friends, as I used to in the 80’s with high school friends Bert & Jane Inch (though not married at the time), my children are listening, dancing and hanging out with their high school friends, too. Certain things do repeat!  Friday night reminded me so much of one of my high school nights, it took me back.

Who knows what will repeat next…   There is always so much to discover!



Away they Go! Congratulations!

Max Becker: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Georgie Fullerton: Stanford University

Bianca Betta: CU Boulder, Sophomore

Chase Betta: PHS Sophomore

Cole Becker: PHS Junior

PPS (Piedmont PlaySchool) Grads!


Where will they go next?  XOXO!

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