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Football Programs, Glamour Magazines, Celebrity Profiles // How Would You Answer

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

Glancing through the 2012 Piedmont High School Football Program I stopped to take a moment to read what the 2013 graduating seniors had to say. A must read.

Oftentimes I am flipping through the pages of a magazine and am always interested when I get to the vibrant images and brief a Q & A where questions are posed to celebrities or entrepreneurs. I love filling in my own answers.

How would you answer the questions posed to the PHS Senior Football Players?

1. Full Name, Birthdate, Birthplace:
2. Favorite Place:
3. Something Nobody Knows About You:
4. Person You’d Like to Have Dinner With:
5. Most Treasured Possession?
6. What is Your Best Motivator?
7. Favorite Football Quote: (or your favorite quote)
8. What Does it Mean to be a Highlander? (GO HIGHLANDERS!)

[

get your game day face on!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Debbi DiMaggio

Welcome Back to School, Piedmont & CU Boulder

Today Begins our Son Chase’s Sophomore Year at PHS

And next Monday, our Daughter Bianca will embark on her Sophomore Year at CU Boulder

( Note: We All Love – CU! )

Stay Tuned for Stories to Come on our Trip back to College with Bianca’s Grandma, my mom, and myself, with Bianca as we worked to get her settled into her first apartment at CU – An Adventure To Remember!  Three Generations of Laughter and Fun!

We could not be more proud of both, Bianca and Chase!

(sorry to embarrass you kids, but we love you!)


GO Highlanders!!  Go BUFFS!!

(PHS Football Program Ad – A Fundraiser to Support the Piedmont Football Program – Go PIEDMONT!)

what we learn through team sports // prepares us for every aspect of our own life…

Saturday, November 19, 2011
Debbi DiMaggio

Lessons Learned: Magnified

will to succeed




friends & teammates  ( my boys! )

The Piedmont High School JV Highlanders Football Season was one of celebration and lessons learned.  Of course, it would have been wonderful if the team won all of their games, however, the experience of their few losses allowed them to learn so much more.  Although I am not very knowledgeable about football, it was much easier for me to follow along then I thought.  Not only having my son’s bright shoes as a reference point, but knowing his friends on the field allowed me to understand more easily.  A proud mother, of 45 football players, I’d say.  I reveled in each game as I witnessed their quick moves, timely plays, amazing interceptions, awe inspiring completions, and knock down tackles.  As in life, lessons learned can be used in the future, whether in business or social, as an individual, or as a team… if you allow them.


Just as an actor may draw upon his or her emotions and past experiences to deliver a magnificent performance, these athletes will draw from this season… lessons of a lifetime.


applaud teammates


learn from your mistakes


leaders are not always right




the agony of defeat


false starts








re group


laser focus




the struggle makes you stronger, tougher, better






never give up: persist and perservere


thrill of victory


working together creates a more successful result


outcomes can change with the blink of an eye


never stop giving it your all


it’s never over ‘til it’s over




emotional swing






encourage your teammates






there is no substitute for preparation and hard work


show up




playbook is still unwritten




See you in the bleachers next year!


XOXO! Debbi

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