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Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

Glancing through the 2012 Piedmont High School Football Program I stopped to take a moment to read what the 2013 graduating seniors had to say. A must read.

Oftentimes I am flipping through the pages of a magazine and am always interested when I get to the vibrant images and brief a Q & A where questions are posed to celebrities or entrepreneurs. I love filling in my own answers.

How would you answer the questions posed to the PHS Senior Football Players?

1. Full Name, Birthdate, Birthplace:
2. Favorite Place:
3. Something Nobody Knows About You:
4. Person You’d Like to Have Dinner With:
5. Most Treasured Possession?
6. What is Your Best Motivator?
7. Favorite Football Quote: (or your favorite quote)
8. What Does it Mean to be a Highlander? (GO HIGHLANDERS!)

Here’s what I wrote: Of course, I couldn’t give just one answer.

1. Full Name, Birthdate, Birthplace

  • Deborah Lynn DiMaggio
  • Debbi DiMaggio Betta,  no hyphen
  • Oakland, Ca
  • July 14th, 19XX  ( I’m not 16 so I’m not sharing the date. )

2. Favorite Place

  • Saint Tropez, France
  • En Route ( to anywhere )

Photo taken from the cabin of our SWA flight to Denver by Bianca Betta

3. Something Nobody Knows About You

  • 100% Sicilian
  • 3rd cousins to Joe DiMaggio
  • I love airplanes!

4. Person You’d Like to Have Dinner With:

  • Princess Diana


5. Most Treasured Possession?

  • My Family

6. What is Your Best Motivator?

  • My Desire to do and to give my best 110% of the time ( No pressure, I know! )

7. Favorite Football Quote: (or your favorite quote)

  • Since I do not know any football quotes I’m going with #19 Jake Pacheco’s quote by American long distance runner, Steve Prefontaine.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

And finally,

8. What Does it Mean to be a Highlander? (GO HIGHLANDERS!) Another way to look at the question to make it more relevant to your life – What does it mean to be part of a team, your community, your family, your workplace? I would still answer the question the same.

  • To be part of a large family where everyone is in sync and united with a common goal and sense of pride. We are one.

Children’s Hospital Benefit Gala, Winter Ball 2011 //  Last holiday season, our entire family honored our daughter, Bianca by celebrating and toasting her achievements and next stage of life as she embarked into the world as a college student and young adult. Bianca has been philanthropic minded since age ten and has participated in many community service projects within her own community and abroad. Service has always been a large part of who Bianca is and what she has always enjoyed. We are always intrigued to hear where she is charting her next adventure abroad.

Stay Tuned! XOXO!

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  1. Phil P says:

    I love your answer to question number seven. Great quote!

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