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Sunday, August 22, 2010
Debbi DiMaggio

I moved recently… Oh My Gosh – I have sympathy!  I know it is easier said then done.  But, I do love the purge factor and organizing part of it all.

It’s such a reminder what my client go through, the mess, the kids, the comcast guy… and waiting for all those appointments and service people to show up between 9 and 2.  Like I can actually stay put in one place for that long.

In 6 days I had us all moved in and ready for Chase’s Surprise Party – it all went off without a hitch!  And everything was in its place – well for the most part.  A few boxes here and there, of course, but ART was hung, FURNITURE arranged, Our Walk In Bedroom Closet Organized and POOL TOYS for all.  See the dining room shot just after the pile of clothes and moving tape.  NOT BAD!  Even flowers in their perfect vase.

In time for Chase’s birthday party, I got everything in place.  Nothing like having help from professionals.  Earl’s Lo Cost Electrical saved the day.  After ordering 3 awesome fixtures from Lamps Plus, now, who would have thought, Lamps Plus would have such great lighting.  And the price was definitely right.  I called Earl and begged and pleaded – ” i just have to have the lights installed i’m having a birthday party tomorrow”. Never mind it is for a 14 year old who probably doesn’t even know that the lights are new.  But by all means, i do.  And i just needed them installed by the party at 2 on Saturday.  Not only did Earl send his nice son and on Friday after 5 they had installed 3 fixtures but i called him in a panic Saturday morning when the last fixture arrived and asked if, okay, begged him to come back and hang the last one that had just been delivered by Fed X and was sitting in that big brown box just waiting to be hung.  Thank you Earl’s Lo Cost Electrical for saving the day – or saving my sanity and hanging the fixture right before the party.  Did i mention i was so busy focusing on the lighting that i completely forgot about the Birthday Cupcakes!!  The party was about to begin as an image of the cupcakes passed through my head.  Thank gosh for my daughter and her friend and their ability to drive.  So after the surprise they headed off through the tunnel to Orinda to rescue the cupcakes!  Thank you Bianca, Marie, Emily and Jennifer.  Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!

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