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Monday, August 23, 2010
Debbi DiMaggio

My new favorite restaurant is…..   But after dining there 4 times, I still didn’t know the name until today when my friend Quentin and I had lunch there this afternoon.  As we headed off to our business lunch and we were deciding where to go, I said, just as I had said the previous 3 times, “let’s go to that sushi place next door to Peet’s coffee”.  “That Sushi Place” was its name until today.  Over the last few times I had dined there, the owner had welcomed me each time.  On our second visit my husband, Adam and I stopped in to grab a quick bite; we were in a huge rush because Adam had a soccer game to get to, NOT to watch mind you, but to PLAY.He and our friend and client are DIE HARD soccer players — ‘The Old Guys’, is their team name.  How appropriate.  But they’re good and determined little (big) guys!  As I was saying, we were in a huge rush so we sat at the counter and focused on our mission.  The restaurant was bustling, quite packed in fact, but the owner maneuvered the crowd and brought us over a glass of wine, compliments of the house.  I thought it was very nice and I was very thankful.  I love it when people are nice.  It touches me each time.  So of course, I thought of his kindness the next time we decided to eat out.  The following week Adam and our daughter went back and they had another great experience.  And last week my best friend (now client) and I went back for another rapid-fire lunch in between meetings and getting 55 Sea View ready for market.  As Kim ran off to re-feed the meter, I noticed the owner again and reminded him it was I he gave the wine to and thanked him once again and when Kim returned introduced the two of them.  He proceeded to compliment me and said I had great style ~ after that I knew I would always be back for more.  So today, once again not 5 days later I was back again.  Off to ‘That Sushi Place’, and once again, the owner was there, and within minutes he hand delivered to our table delicious marinated noodles with shrimp compliments of the house. I felt so spoiled once again.  Isn’t that what great service and a good dining experience are really all about?   The sushi is really quite good and it is such a refreshing space.  It has a little San Francisco style sprinkled with a bit of New York chic; cool and contemporary with clean lines; right up my alley.  I’m a modern gal.  Now allow me to introduce you to ‘That Sushi Place’  –  KAKUI SUSHI

Located in the Montclair Village at 2060 Mountain Blvd and yes, a few doors down from Peet’s in the old Jamba Juice location.  And the owner’s name is Yingji.  I asked our waiter today.  I just had to know who to continue to thank, visit after visit.  Well isn’t that what friendly service is all about.  And wouldn’t you come back for more if you were pampered, too?

 Take Out, Dine In ~ My Favorites: Rock and Roll Sushi, Crispy Tuna, the Four Seasons Roll, oh and don’t forget the Caterpillar Roll.  And Adam likes the Brussel Sprouts too, not your typical sprout.

 Bon Appétit

 Tell Yingji Debbi sent you!



 P.S.  It’s beginning to feel a bit like CHEERS to me; where everyone knows your name. Today must have been Realtor Day – friends and colleagues everywhere. xoxo

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