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Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Debbi DiMaggio

Lights Camera Action – 312 Sheridan has officially been launched. Oakland Magazine attended the Sneak Peek Preview Reception to witness the sorts of things Realtors do when bringing a luxury home to market. Not many go over the top like this, but 312 Sheridan demanded a grand debut. Neighbors, joggers and walkers passing by witnessed the on-going makeover that had been transpiring over the past year. Everyone’s curiosity was peaked. Many of the guests enjoyed sharing their stories. Some were casual walkers from the neighborhood, others serious joggers passing through from the surrounding neighborhoods, and those like myself, who drive by the home multiple times a day. 312 Sheridan was and is a well traveled route and daily routine shared by many. And I too had been anticipating the unveiling.

More than a grand opening, it was a walk down memory lane. Visiting with the Rinehart’s from down the street, the parents of my childhood friend, Jeff. Jeff and I attended Wildwood Elementary School together beginning in Kindergarten, throughout Junior High and eventually graduating from Piedmont High School – – year purposely omitted. (That is one of the very special reasons why families move to Piedmont — To build lifelong friends and deep roots.) I loved hearing the story told by the Sabotnik’s from across the street – it was my parents who told Dr. Sabotnik and his wife when they were looking to move, that they simply must consider Piedmont. And they did! (Some 30 years ago!) Or the parents of my longtime friends and colleagues, Scott and Kent Hill, pictured kissing me on the cheeks below. (Schoolmates K-12, same as Jeff.)  Mr. and Mrs. Hill, also neighbors from across the street and the parents of Scott and Kent, have been in my life for so long that we are more like family. Who could or would have ever have imagined that Scott and Kent, my childhood friends, would one day work for me! It’s quite amusing to us all. Some days we laugh so hard at the office one would think we were back in grade school !!

I do try to keep my posts short, but that is not an easy task. I simply cannot close without saying thank you to a few. Bernie Myers, my co-listing agent, Adam Betta, my husband, partner and rock, TOAST on College Avenue for the wonderful champagne and white wine — NO RED WINE allowed – no accidents needed. And a huge thanks to JUST RELISH catering for their delicious fare and lovely presentation, always. (click to see our last Piedmont launch party)  To the amazing Quentin Bacon, photographer extraordinaire, who always manages to capture the best of everyone and everything.  And to Marlene Wharmby, my talented Stager who creates spaces and environments that make you want to nest right on in. And of course to our clients. For without our clients we would simply have no fun!

It is not difficult to see, I love what I do.

Cheers! XOXO!

PS. As noted on my Facebook post:

It really says something about our leaders when they take time out of their busy schedules to support their community and the members they serve. Thank you  Mayor John Chiang for stopping by our Preview Reception at 312 Sheridan Avenue! It really meant a lot to me. (pictured below)

Life of the Party

A “home” truly is, the Life of the Party.
It is the first thing people see when they step out of their car and approach her.
The sparkling lights glittering inside easily draws you in from the cold, dark outside.
Once inside, it is the beauty, elegance and grace that makes people raise their cheeks that forms their lips into a smile.

Ah, I can see, they like it.

A home is — the Life of the Party.  A festivity for the senses.
The aroma that emanates from the bustling kitchen.
The sounds of guests talking and laughing.
The beauty of the surroundings.

And that first sip of champagne.

It’s a party. It’s your party.

Welcome Home!

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  2. […] home, truly is the life of the party,” I wrote in a blog after we hosted an evening cocktail party for friends, neighbors, Realtors and clients at one of […]

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