Moving On // How Much I Will Miss Them All

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

Senior Night on Witter Field

A beautiful night. I will miss them forever and ever.

Such fond memories, milestones and incredible times on the field and off.

a note to all my boys…

To My Dear Boys

It dawned on me… things were about to change.

It happened when you were all away in Mexico doing amazing things,

giving of yourselves on your own time,

the house may have been clean, but it was sadly,

very silent.

I found myself circling the empty house, soon to be, empty nest, walking down the stairs, past the den, to the living room, through the kitchen and back around to your den.

I will miss so much having you all in our home, but will always have the beautiful memories locked in my mind forever…

whether the smell of puberty

or later, the stench of dry beer

watching you mature from little boys with straight locks and no facial hair to thick and some wavy hair with scruff on the chin and lip line.

whether the aroma of chicken nuggets, or stench after a game of basketball down the street, or stinky lacrosse bags and backpacks dropped at the front entry or the dirty shoes lined up at the front door or a trail of damp towels and bathing trunks hanging over railings or laying on Chase’s bed and bathroom floor.

i’ll miss watching you as you sleep draped over bean bags or nestled on one of our multiple couches around the house as i would tiptoe by to pick up those big red sticky cups. if you couldn’t tell, we wanted you here, we wanted you safe and we wanted to protect you as long as we could for as long as you would let us.

from swim meets with the PSC and later, water polo with PHS

to incredible lacrosse tournaments, games and travels around the country

and milestones & celebrations of graduations, girlfriends, birthdays, pool parties & trips

Lake Tahoe was one to remember, i know grandpa Vince will never forget.

or just laying around ‘your’ den playing video games, talking or not

coming and going, the door was always open

You were always such great sports, tolerating my questions and inquiries allowing me to part of your lives. I never realized how much i would come to love all of you boys as if you were my own and just how much a part of our lives you would become.

Adam and I want to leave you with a few parting words until we see you at Christmas time.

Our door is always open.

We are here for you all, always.

But i think you know that.

Only just last year I looked into the “room” and thought to myself, there is no way these kids could go to college now, they are just not ready. But just one year later, it is clear to me that you are. And so it goes, the circle of life. We grow up, we move on.

But always know, you are loved.

XOXO your other mom, Debbi and second father, Adam

We love and adore you all so very much.

and yes, tears are welling up inside. it’s sad knowing things will change, but happy to know you guys will unquestionably go on to do incredible things.

We know you are capable and ready to fly.

Enjoy the next chapter and please, please keep in touch.

Nothing would brighten my day more than getting a selfie text from you at your new school or an autographed university postcard.

510.414.6777 – 510.414.1250 – 451 Hampton Road, Piedmont 🙂

XOXOXO! We love you!

“Attitude is the difference between an Ordeal and an Adventure”

so go out and have fun as I know you will 🙂

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