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Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

Mutual Admiration and Friends for a Lifetime. I am going to miss these two boys.

I held it together last night with just a few tears, but knew the dam was about to open. Scrolling through the incredible photos Raquel Sefton had taken throughout the entire lacrosse season and again last night. This photograph captures it all. (And the tears came.)
These two amazing friends, Chase Betta and Quinn Burnett, teammates, friends and demons on the field, not to mention extremely PASSIONATE and caring. Pictured here, you can see Quinn and Chase happy, nostalgic, and proud of one another – they both received the 2015 Leadership Award.

Once again, Piedmont prevailed as the DVAL League Champions, now for 4 years running. Chase and Quinn are 2 of the Fabulous Five who started out their high school career on the Piedmont High School Varsity Team. It’s been an amazing journey. And I could not be more proud of these two boys and their accomplishments as well as their ability to motivate and cultivate a strong bond within their #lacrosse family. Quinn also received MVP (he tripled the goal setting record at Piedmont High an incredible feat! and Chase received the Heart and Hustle award for setting the record for most ground balls. Somehow he always found a way to scoop it up whether by running through the pile of boys coming from behind or kicking the ball out of the way… he did whatever it took.)  [Read More..]

Football Programs, Glamour Magazines, Celebrity Profiles // How Would You Answer

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

Glancing through the 2012 Piedmont High School Football Program I stopped to take a moment to read what the 2013 graduating seniors had to say. A must read.

Oftentimes I am flipping through the pages of a magazine and am always interested when I get to the vibrant images and brief a Q & A where questions are posed to celebrities or entrepreneurs. I love filling in my own answers.

How would you answer the questions posed to the PHS Senior Football Players?

1. Full Name, Birthdate, Birthplace:
2. Favorite Place:
3. Something Nobody Knows About You:
4. Person You’d Like to Have Dinner With:
5. Most Treasured Possession?
6. What is Your Best Motivator?
7. Favorite Football Quote: (or your favorite quote)
8. What Does it Mean to be a Highlander? (GO HIGHLANDERS!)

[

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