Life After the Children Leave // The Empty Nest

Monday, May 25, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

The empty nest is slowly creeping upon us. I know it is the natural order of life, just as Mufasa discusses with his young son Simba in the story, The Lion King. But it certainly does not make it easy to let go.





Fun Times at CU Boulder @ Breck.


Winter Ball, A Benefit for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, Our daughter, Bianca, the Debutante. ( Not her wedding. )

Vail 2012-2013! I’m in Silver with son Chase, daughter Bianca and her CU Boulder Friends 🙂


DVAL CHAMPIONS! I will miss these guys, the parents, the coaches and the games!

Why is it that we feel the pain or agony of our child’s experience even more so than our own? It is easier for me to deal with my own personal loss than it is for me to bare the loss or negative experience of that of my children.

When we lost our last game of the NCS tournament it was not only the loss of that game, but the end of an 8 year run; an amazing experience of teamwork and friends, parents and celebrations.


We couldn’t be more proud of our daughter Bianca, a graduate of CU Boulder with honors and our son, soon to be graduate of my alma mater Piedmont High School who will be heading off to CU Boulder to join his sister this summer to get a jump start on his college career at CU.

( Chase and Alex at Winter Ball )

As I prepare myself for the Empty Nest, just as I did when Bianca first left for college four short years ago, I created projects and lists of things to do and charted it out on the calendar in order to show myself I would see her and we’d be together soon. In late summer Bianca will be heading down under to work, experience and enjoy a world far away. SO my “bucket list” of adventures and experiences begin too. As they are the graduating class of 2015, my husband, business and life partner Adam and I will be the entering the Empty Nest Class of 2015 – as we enter life after our children leave and we enter the next chapter in our lives. As I write this tears well up in my eyes. It’s not going to be easy but I will get by. And as my children know too well, I will be following them around the world. Nothing can keep a mama from her little buffs.



Today I leave you as, a very proud but mournful mom. Even though my husband keeps telling me it is the natural order of life.

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2 Responses

  1. Warren Crandall says:

    Hey Debbi; It isn’t easy is it. It’ll be a bit longer before I’m an empty nester due to Becca’s Autism. But She’s in an after high school program and I’m beginning to look at options for adult living situations. Either way, kids off to college or elsewhere, it’s not easy.

    Love to you and the family,

    Warren Crandall

  2. They’ll do great things in life and soon enough, have a nest of their own. Looking forward to all the Colorado photos!

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