where do you find inspiration?

Saturday, May 2, 2015
Debbi DiMaggio

Inspiration is:

Watching an actor on stage. I’m in awe every time I watch a movie or see a play. It was opening night, the play, Distracted, at the Piedmont Center for the Arts and once again I was reminded of my eternally unanswered question – How do actors remember all of their lines and deliver them so seamlessly? Even more difficult I could only imagine, when the actor is required to play different characters in a single play, transforming themselves from one accent and attitude to another like the flip of a switch. To me that’s truly incredible. Almost like magic.  

Inspiration is:

Discovered in Fashion, Design and in Photographs.  A wide topic of course. As I was brainstorming my upcoming blog for my column on Examiner.com I came up with this phrase …

Staging is Fashion for the Home.

It resonates with me, as I love fashion and of course, home design. It would be a dream, as I am sure for many, to be able to bring an outfit on the page of a fashion magazine, perfectly fit to the model, to life, to my life! If you didn’t like the look on you, you could transport the pieces right back – poof! But if you loved the outfit you would be wearing it right out the door that very day !! Of course what we see in photographs is also the creation of the talented photographers and stylists who create the inspiration and the story which allows us to dream and to be inspired.  In home staging and marketing a home for sale, the home is… the mannequin, the model.

Staging is.. fashion for the home, just as a pair of fabulous boots or jewelry adorns a woman, a purple hydrangea, a brilliant green plant, a perfectly arranged floral bouquet or a beautiful vase of pink tulips set out on a dining or front entry table adorns and compliments a home. And with the eye of a great photographer and their patience to light their subject(s) perfectly, a beautiful image comes to life.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Need ideas? Start with Pinterest.

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