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Thursday, January 7, 2016
Debbi DiMaggio

Happy New Year FrontEmail from a fellow (empty nest) mom :

Christmas Card Back Kids 2015

“While I’m typing I just want to say thank you in a larger sense.  You have such a big heart and are so open.  I love your energy and I love that you are so sharing. I so appreciate your posts.  I’m there with you.  Being an empty nester is an all new experience.  Thanks so much.  Your posts have helped me with my own challenges being an empty nester.”

Debbi, “I don’t know if you remember me or not. I am the girl you introduced to the George Mark House committee last year. I took a tour of the house and volunteered at the luncheon and auction in San Francisco. I ended up buying a house in Visalia. My mom needs me closer, so I returned to help her. I still come up to visit my daughter in Berkeley, though. I just want to say that meeting you last year was a bright spot in my time there. You were so sweet to me from the start, when I was trying to find housing. Actually, you are an inspiration to me. I love your Facebook posts regarding friends and family. I wish you a very happy new year!”

gratitudeThank you to those for your short notes, thank you’s, Likes and encouragement regarding my thoughts and posts that I share from within expressing your gratitude that I inspire you.

It seemed odd to type this out but it seemed just as odd not to express my sincere gratitude just the same. I am a writer who feels first, than pens, and later after I have posted will analyze with my head. I usually make small edits but I believe I create the truest connection with others by the honest impulses that come from the heart and straight onto the page. So I try to share what’s inside. Oftentimes I think I share too much.


But at the very time I begin to question it, I am honored by someone who sends an email, messages me on FB or posts a comment on my Instagram, Facebook page or Blog thanking me for sharing. (Just as how it happened again on January 1st that inspired me to pen this note.)

Some are friends I know personally, others acquaintances, and many I have not yet met or may never have, the pleasure of meeting in person. And, some although not many, share comments that are not quite so supportive. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on I wish you all a beautiful life filled with love and joy and gratitude.

Success and Inspiration

Additionally to each who find my posts, or posts of another, too much, may you find something so much greater that inspires you so much more than the negative energy and time it must take to share a negative thought towards me or any other fellow soul.

A late bloomer to social media I have found social media has opened up the world to me. I can feel what is in a persons heart. I can see what they love and enjoy and it always makes me smile to see a happy and beautiful moment captured in a still.

It’s a beautiful place that has been gifted to us where we are able to be near our family and friends while being separated by distance, an incredible platform to learn new things, discover new places and venture further than our feet, a car or a plane could take us in a day. It’s simply incredible.

To witness the joy of a child leaping through the ocean waves or sound asleep exhausted after a long day tucked safely away, the perfect pair of shoes or black boots, a place you may have never known about but now will visit, a place you know you’ll never visit, family portraits, vacations, a mom and her son, a dad and her daughter and visa versa.

It’s like Christmas morning when I was a child when you would open up your gifts you never knew what it might be.

seattleguyWhile in Tulum a business celebrity, you might call him, #DanPriceSeattle, commented on my Instagram. ( Of course, at the time I was not sure who it was. ) But the research and conversation that stemmed from the post was fun!  It’s not as much the comment as the connection and discovery of who they are and what they like to share. It’s always an adventure and a story to explore as you dig a little deeper. It’s their story, their book. And sometimes there are perks 😜 Over the holidays I was given a free handbag ✌️ (And during the editing of this post I connected with someone who messaged me on FB; we met and now we are starting a focus group for creative moms!)

Recently I connected with a person in the news and oftentimes it’s a simple thank you or 👍. It’s where a connection is made. It’s always exciting when you meet someone on line and then you meet in person. I’m not talking 🙂

I also love tweeting when I am headed to a destination, making a connection ahead of time. I always like to share my positive experiences, a perfectly plated meal or a beautiful photograph. I could go on forever sharing why I love the imagery, the words, the people, their adventures and all that life has to offer out there in our wide wide world.

So, enjoy the journey. Open your heart and let it all in. There is so very much to learn, to see, to know, to understand.
Can you say you know what’s in the hearts and mind of another? If you cannot, you might count to 10 before you pass judgement.

Smile and embrace all that life and love has to offer.

Fill your tank with gratitude, kindness and generosity and I guarantee a smile on your face 🙂


I look forward to watching your journey, seeing your photographs, reading your quotes and thoughts. And watching you fly.

Namaste- How timely. We are now off to our last yoga class here in Tulum ✌️

Happy New Year!!


PS. When I was a child and would find myself sick with a fever I seemed to have the same reoccurring dream over and over again, even as an adult, although fevers are fewer and further in between, the dream remains the same. I have this overweening hallucination and anxiety that I’ll never know everyone and there are so many people to meet in this world. It is quite uncomfortable. Of course it makes no sense but still today this same scene will play out as I wrestle through the fever tangled up in the sheets.

And so it is. I may never meet everyone but social media has certainly allowed me to connect and explore. And to that I am grateful 🙂 ❤️


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