Doris Bergman’s 7th Annual Style Lounge and Party Kicks of Emmy Week 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016
Debbi DiMaggio
John Savage and Me! A great guy!
We chatted real estate. I have had the opportunity to cross paths with him twice now.
I still recall watching Deer Hunter when I was in Junior High with my friend MaryAnn.
On asked, why I have attended Doris Bergman’s Style Lounge 3X!
Here’s Why..

I always love to throw a ball at the wall and see what sticks.
I love to try new things, experience new adventures, I’m pretty open to anything and everything, well, not beyond reason! However, meeting, inspiring and connecting with others is what’s deep in my heart and what drives me. So attending Doris’ event was just par for the course.
Ross Marquand, Actor | Currently on the Walking Dead – 7 years running !
I’ve been a top producing Realtor for over 20 years, and in the past 7 years a Partner in our real estate firm with a passion for helping others.
Whether that’s by helping people buy and sell real estate, through my charity work or my blog and books. I’ve written 3 books over the past few years. Each book upon completion was debuted at Doris Bergman’s Emmy / Oscar Events. I’ve continue to meet new celebrities and have gotten to know ones I met at previous event’s a bit better. It’s about becoming familiar.  Over the years I’ve connected with a few celebrities on social media and support their online presence as they have done for me. By being a part of this or any network you just never know what might happen or who you’ll connect with. That’s the most exciting thing about life and being open to experiences.
We sortive look alike! Well, I suppose, we are both Italian.  Vincent Spano ( Rumble Fish ( 1983 ) and so much more. )
I’ve get asked the question Why quite often.
Why do I go? Why do I help? Why, why, why? What do I get. I just don’t have an answer. I lead by my heart and intuition and the rest follows.
What’s possible having attended this event?
Perhaps another book offer, or I sell a home to or for one of the celebrities I’ve met, I get a part in Million Dollar Listing LA or even my own real estate / design /  show, or something completely unknown… just might happen.
 Gotta Love Dot! ( Glee, of course! ) Now our second or third meeting. The first year she took a photo with my first book, Contained Beauty, Photographs, Reflections and Swimming Pools.  As always, thanks Dot!
For me my life is about experiences. You put out to the world and you’ll be surprised what comes back your way.
On asked about my latest significant property, The Ghirardelli Mansion..
The Ghirardelli Mansion listed just over $5 Million Dollars is a historic and extraordinary home built by the Ghirardelli family in 1907. It has 7 bedrooms and is over 6400 sq feet plus a guest house over the garage. The detailing throughout the home is simply stunning. Take a tour through this exquisite masterpiece and an overhead tour of our small town Piedmont at
Debbi DiMaggio Piedmont Real Estate Ca - 01
(c) Quentin Bacon
I did have the opportunity to speak with Jane Lynch about my book #RealEstateRules! 52 ways to achieve success in real estate. Most everyone I know is interested in homes, buying or selling, investing or home design. So it’s easy to chat about with almost anyone. I explained to Jane, although my book is focused on Realtors ( as the primary characters ) Real Estate Rules! is great source for anyone interested in marketing, sales or branding of self or a product. It’s a really great hand guide for an actor too!
Jane Lynch, Actress | Glee, ETC…
What makes your heart sing?
IMG_7805 Pictured above, Will from Wednesday’s Child. An organization who places children in forever foster care homes.
I’m a huge philanthropist and love being involved in multiple charities. “Helping Others”  would be a tattoo I’d wear on my forehead if I had to choose a phrase to describe myself. Thus I shared my new affiliation, Give Back Homes. Give Back Homes is one of my newest partnerships. Give Back Homes is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity and through their partnerships with Realtors and Real Estate Company owners allows them to do such amazing and inspiring work in and around the world. Jane was very interested. So many like her care about our country, our world and our local communities. Jane could not have been more attentive and kind, as were the other celebrities I had the opportunity to chat with.
What an adventure, always and adventure, now off to sell a home and make new connections.
Go forth into the world with open arms and an open heart and just see what happens.
XOXO Debbi
Thank you Doris Bergman ( pictured here ) and Liz Kelly, Publicists to the Stars!
Making New Friends… This vendor from Utah, Shop Pretty Places, lovely and fragrant candles.IMG_7848
Tired after a long day standing and socializing on my feet!
Walking The Red Carpet, Where Else then in LA!
PS. I just have to close in saying, I adore Angela Gotts! ( Met her last time and saw her again at this event. ) She is not following my Rule — Utilize Social Media – no matter what business you are in. Let’s get her more friends and followers, she is lovely inside and out. Truly gorgeous!
More photos to come!
Thanks to Liz Kelly and Goody PR and Goody Awards for the awesome photographs!
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